Red Ariels Book


It's been a while since Black Ariels was release so this is a good time to start the next project : Red Ariels!

This book will be about the Red Hunter and its single cylinder siblings 1932 to 1959. The interim year of 1931 will be included.

You may wonder whether this will be anything like the Black Ariels book? It will share some of the style and enthusiasm and I hope it will be just as useful but a thirty year span instead of five years will require a modified formula.

Calling all Arielists...:

I will be collecting information, period photos and data on these motor cycles (1931-1959 4-stroke singles)

I'm looking for...

For example, if you have a 1936 Red Hunter then you probably know the fine details about the differences between 1936 and 1935/1937 and these are the details that will interest the readers.

Also, you may know such details as... if you have anything please send it down the tubes to