Red Ariels


When the Black Ariels third edition and the Royal Enfield twenties singles books are finished it is possible that a Red Ariels book will be the next project.

This will be about the Red Hunter and its single cylinder siblings 1932 to 1959. The orphan year of 1931 will probably be included.

I will be collecting information, period photos and data on these motor cycles and if you have anything please send it down the tubes to

NOTE : Unlike the Black Ariels book, this will be a commercial project. This means that I will try to make some pocket money out of the project just as an experiment. If you would like to contribute to the book then you must be comfortable with this fact. I am aware that some people will not want to contribute unless they get paid so this is why I need to state this very clearly up front. If it makes you feel any better, the hundreds of hours which will go into the book will probably give me an hourly wage which would be laughed at in a Sudanese goulag and I may even make a loss so don't expect me to retire to Switzerland on the vast profits.