1926 Ariel - Model D - Touring - 500cc

Marque Ariel
Model D
Year 1926
cc 500
Engine 4st single ohv
Starting Kick
Gears 3 (hand)
Top speed 80mph

Road Test

The handling is very precise and the Ariel feels very solid. Suspension is minimal and the rider is spared nothing. The brakes are good for the period but it is the back brake this is the hero which does most of the work. Engine braking is very good and coming down very steep gradients it is enough that the brakes are not required. The engine is a real thumper and pulls very low down. When the revs build up there is a smooth spot where the machine gun effect of the engine drops away and a peaceful zone is reached with just a little tingling through the frame. It's a loud beast and announces your presence well before your arrival. The clutch is good and so is the gearbox but the gearbox requires a very delicate touch and cannot be bullied. The sight feed on the tank shows the Castrol R dripping through the oiling system and can be regulated by a needle. This engine is far more advanced than the cycle and with a potential 80mph at hand you can get into real trouble if you're not careful.