1931 Norton Model 18 - 500cc

Marque Norton
Model Model 18
Year 1931
cc 500
Engine 4 stroke over head valve single
Starting Kick
Gears 4 (foot)
Top speed Don't know, don't care.

This full blooded Norton has been a very reliable and solid mount. The engine started life as a 600cc model 19 and I think that it has been raced back in the days when old bikes were thought of as junk as it was painted in emerald green 'Dulux' when I got it. It has been fitted with a very early pre dolls head foot change 4 speed gearbox and the later type of forks which have return springs.

Road Test

The handling is very good and feels sporty. The sound of the exhaust with the fish tail exhaust is very deep and is a pleasure to listen to. Occasionally the gearbox doesn't want to play and the clutch can get a bit sticky when hot but I find that all Norton clutches seem to have that habit regardless of year. Handling is very good and the brakes work well. Norton guru George Cohen rebuilt this Norton in 1999 and it runs very well. There are few machines that are as good as this one in the green lanes with a very flexible motor that will chuff like a lazy steam engine or gun at full chat down the straight. Starting is always easy and reliable, but when hot should never be flooded. Although the Norton has been restored, it has much patina and retains plenty of character. The wheels have recently been rebuilt. I've spent squillions on this bike!