Triumph Junior (Baby) - 225cc

Marque Triumph
Model Junior (Baby)
Year 1919
cc 225
Engine 2 stroke single
Starting Push/Paddle
Gears 2 (hand) - clutchless
Top speed 35mph
Notes Front brake is like a bicycle stirrup type. Rear brake has a block that rubs against the belt rim. Drive is by belt.


Although this machine was made in 1919, it was designed for the 1913 season so it is really of veteran heritage.

This Baby Triumph is very basic indeed. The brakes are 'interesting' and the engine may do 35mph with a following wind. I can't give you a proper road test as I've not yet ridden it properly, but I have had it running and it seems to go very well. Starting is a matter of setting the controls in the right position, pulling in the decompression lever, paddling the machine along and then dropping the decompression lever when you have enough speed. This should result in the engine firing. When all is well and the rider is chuffing along at a decent velocity, the one and only upwards gear change can be attempted . There is no clutch, so changing gear requires easing back the throttle and using the cable operated handlebar lever to find top gear. At the traffic lights, the rider can select neutral as they coast to a halt, and when he wants to move, some light paddling is required before the box can be slipped into first gear again. There are no lights or speedometer. Footboards and the swept back handlebars make for an eccentric riding position. Motorways should be avoided at all times!

This one is not completely original as the handlebars and some of the handlebar controls are not from a Triumph Baby.  The filler caps on the petrol tank are not correct and I don't think that the front brake is original.  It needs Triumph handlebars and Triumph control levers although the inverted levers are correct. The back brake is a bit sticky. The wheels could do with a rebuild as they do look a bit tatty and using the front brake shows that the front wheel needs truing up. The primary chain cover looks homemade. The rear number plate is held with a nylon tie. Apart from that it's all there and seems quite sound.

The Triumph Baby has a very good reputation and was considered by many as the quality end of the lightweight market by which all others were judged.